Our Purpose

Our purpose or vision is to instruct and disciple women in a safe environment so that they may learn to live fruitful lives with changed attitudes about themselves, God, and others. We also train leaders to take this same healing message to other ministries and communities.

In the residential program, the process of the individual’s healing change tends to follow this course:

  1. She accepts responsibility for her own behavior.
  2. She discovers and understands God’s love and grace for her.
  3. She comes to God in brokenness, with a surrendered heart ready to receive and give God’s forgiveness.
  4. She defines and subsequently reaches personal goals.
  5. The staff and resident agree that healthy change has indeed occurred.
  6. If the woman continues at the Refuge for leadership training, she will begin to understand the Refuge's goals and objectives more deeply in order to minister to others.

Our method of accomplishing goals includes:

  1. Initiation of trust that occurs from the resident to the staff.
  2. Identification of problems, weaknesses and strengths.
  3. Reshaping and retooling of the individual’s will by offering the alternative of God’s will as stated in the scriptures.
  4. Renewing of the mind with biblical truth and acceptance.
  5. Emotional healing through experiencing submission to God and finding success in everyday life.