A sanctuary where people can start over with a new understanding of God’s plan for their lives.

The Women's Refuge was founded in 1997 by Donna Lee Robart and her husband Ted for people who are experiencing emotional, mental, and spiritual problems. The Refuge offers a Christian live-in program for women, a biblical counseling center for individuals, marriages, and families, and support groups for women to heal the whole person through Christ.

From the beginning, people have found freedom from the debilitation of depression, anxiety, and broken relationships and have gone back to their homes, churches, and communities victorious.

Women residents who have come from around the world have been referred by organizations like Focus on the Family and Mercy Ministries, as well as by pastors, counselors, psychiatrists, families and friends. Physicians, agencies and churches are utilized and coordinated by the Refuge to offer the most effective treatment necessary for each individual.

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