Please become a partner in our ongoing work to restore the lives of women and their families by giving to the Women's Refuge. Thank you in advance for your financial support. It is greatly appreciated and needed. May The Lord bless you abundantly!Your Donation could be assigned to a specific need:

  • General donation toward the monthly operation expenses of the ministry.
  • Scholarship support for a woman in the Residential Program/ Internship.
  • Counseling fees for people in the local community.
  • Other Ways to Help

Donation equivalents:

$3500 – Ministry cost for one month of residential support (per resident)

$2750 – “Gap” between rent and ministry cost per resident

$750 - One month’s rent for resident

$100 – One day of residential support

$50 – One hour of individual/family counseling

$50 – 6 or 12 week support group class cost per individual

Image of Hands, says "Thank You"