Introducing a Masterpiece of Elegance: The Antique Pool Table

Esteemed connoisseurs of art, history, billiards, and patrons of philanthropy! You have a rare opportunity to possess a unique one-of-a-kind piece and assume a pivotal role in inspiring and elevating the lives of individuals and families served by our programs.

In seeking a new abode that reveres its historical significance and the positive influence it embodies; this legendary pool table stands as a beacon of hope for the Women's Refuge of Vero Beach.

Elevate your entertainment space with this exquisite one-of-a-kind pool table, appraised at $28,500. Crafted with unparalleled artistry and attention to detail, this remarkable piece boasts a rich history and exceptional features that are sure to captivate the most refined and discerning tastes.

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Notable Features:

  • Appraised by the esteemed Daniel Brandt from Billiards by Brandt LLC, he described this table as, “a magnificent piece of art.” Daniel, a true polymath, has catered to prestigious clientele, including royalty and top-tier celebrities. To this day, he still relies on a level crafted by his father a half century ago, along with his wealth of knowledge of how to conserve and restore his masterpieces.
  • Historical Significance: This table stands as a rare masterpiece, with its only comparable counterpart having been created for the esteemed John D. Rockefeller, underscoring its exceptional craftsmanship and historical importance.
  • Unique Heritage: Originally a snooker table, expertly modified into a pool table, blending tradition with modern elegance.
  • English Style Design: Featuring a distinctive vertical base, embodying classic charm and timeless sophistication.
  • Never-Before-Seen One of a Kind Cue Rack with Matching Abacus: Concealing a keyed hidden compartment, adding an element of mystery and sophistication to your game room. Also included is a unique mechanical bridge stick. Cue Rack Measurements: 58" X 37" X 2.75"
  • Custom Dining Tabletop: beautifully transforms into a dining table that comfortably seats 18 guests, making it a versatile centerpiece for gatherings and events. Table Measurements: 109.75" X 59" X 31.5"
  • Originally crafted as a single piece, the tabletop underwent a transformation during a move, resulting in a custom designed tabletop that enhances its aesthetic appeal and functionality. While the original wood was unfortunately destroyed in the process, the current tabletop adds an air of intrigue to its provenance and allure. ---These additional features further enhance the story of this exceptional antique pool table.
  • Innovative Drawer Conversion: The original heavy and large side linen drawer has been ingeniously transformed into three smaller, more accessible drawers, enhancing both functionality and convenience for users.
  • Mechanical Bridge Stick with full length wood stick with notched metal plate.
  • Preserved in Timeless Splendor: This antique masterpiece of artistic design has been well maintained, radiating an aura of timeless elegance and sophistication. Its exceptional condition ensures a harmonious blend of beauty and functionality that will endure for years to come, enriching any space with its enduring charm.
  • Provenance from a New York Men's Club: Acquired from a prestigious New York Men's Club, this table exudes a sense of history and sophistication, reflecting ornate details and unparalleled craftsmanship that set it apart as a true treasure.
  • Experience the perfect fusion of art and functionality with this English-style antique pool table. Make a statement in your space with this magnificent work of art and construction that promises to elevate your entertainment experience to new heights.

• Craftsmanship by Blatt Billiards: Renowned for catering to the most discerning clientele, Blatt Billiards has meticulously refinished and custom-designed the tabletop to perfection, showcasing their commitment to superb quality and exquisite craftsmanship.

A tribute to our generous contributors, Mr. & Mrs. Goldman.

In recognition of the extraordinary generosity of James & Barbara (Bobby) Goldman, we pay tribute to true patrons and beacons of philanthropy. Their dedication to selfless giving has left an indelible mark on The Women’s Refuge of Vero Beach while enriching lives and inspiring the hearts of many.
As the beloved wife of the late esteemed American playwright, novelist, and screenwriter James Goldman, Barbara shared in his passion for storytelling and the arts.

Together, they formed a dynamic partnership that resonated with brilliance and grace, leaving an enduring legacy that continues to illuminate the lives of others.

James Goldman's illustrious career, marked by accolades such as the Academy Award for his screenplay "The Lion in Winter" and a Tony Award nomination for the Broadway musical "Follies" in collaboration with Stephen Sondheim, stands as a testament to his unparalleled talent and creative vision.

In honoring Bobby and James, we celebrate not only their remarkable contributions to the arts but also their profound impact on those fortunate enough to have crossed paths with them. Their legacy of generosity, kindness, and artistic appreciation will forever be cherished with deep gratitude and admiration.

This antique pool table, once a centerpiece of their apartment, witnessed countless moments of joy and camaraderie as the Goldmans entertained a constellation of luminaries from the worlds of stage and screen.

Notable figures such as actor Paul Newman, Joanne Woodward, George C. Scott, William Goldman, and other distinguished guests from New York Theater and Hollywood graced this table, adding to its storied history and allure.

Blatt Billiards, renowned as the premier destination for celebrity pool table acquisitions in New York, undertook the task of refinishing and customizing the pool table, transforming it into a versatile piece that seamlessly transitioned from their game nights to elegant dinner gatherings. This transformation not only preserved the table's heritage but also enhanced its functionality, embodying the Goldmans' commitment to blending artistry with practicality.

Beyond her role as a supportive partner, Bobby Goldman is a playwright in her own right, with her work "The Curvy Widow" making waves on Broadway, further cementing her legacy as a creative force in the theatrical world.

• Celebrity Connections: Throughout its storied history, this table has played host to a distinguished array of guests, including renowned figures such as actor Paul Newman, Joanne Woodward, George C. Scott, William Goldman, and other luminaries from the worlds of New York Theater and Hollywood. ---These additional features further enrich the narrative surrounding this remarkable antique pool table, showcasing its unique design elements, historical provenance, and illustrious connections.

With our utmost appreciation and respect, we are honored to share this beautiful piece with the next distinguished proprietor.

About the Women's Refuge

Since its establishment in 1997, the Women's Refuge of Vero Beach has stood as a beacon of hope and rejuvenation from a Christian perspective. Individuals and families from diverse backgrounds in search of healing and restoration are offered the opportunity to receive biblical counseling and training.

In addition to that, we have customized live-in programs for women ages 18+ that range from two weeks to nine months. This program requires dedication and commitment from participants to make substantial inner personal growth during their visit. Through practical life skills, biblical counseling, and an intentional curriculum we facilitate a whole person healing.

Our goal is to reach women who may be struggling with life challenges to offer God’s truth, encouragement, and guidance. We work with women to ensure they take what they receive during their visit with us and apply it to their daily lives moving forward.

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