Tuesday, March 19th, 2019
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 Welcome to The Women's Refuge of Vero Beach

 These are exciting times for us!  Thank you for prayerfully considering our current opening for a new Managing Director.

Please review the Managing Director Profile description below.  
Qualified Applicants may submit their resume to: careers@womensrefugevb.org

To learn more about the Women's Refuge of Vero Beach, please visit our website at www.womensrefugevb.org

Managing Director Profile


The Board of Directors (Advisory and Working) will be seeking a woman of unique skills and calling to this Ministry to fill the role of Managing Director.  

The position of Managing Director is of vital importance to our individual supporters and volunteers; supporting churches; readers of our monthly newsletter; the Refuge staff, interns who come for training; women, couples and families who come for community counseling; the participants in our small groups and, especially, the residents who will find their true identities and healing in Christ at the Women’s Refuge. The Managing Director will have a significant impact on each of these groups and every individual. We believe that the calling from the Lord to seek this position, and the confirmation of the Boards of Directors, are firmly in the hands of the Lord Jesus Christ whom we serve. It is our confidence that He will direct and lead this search process.


The Position of Managing Director: 


General Responsibilities

  1. Development

    • Oversee and encourage development of program curriculum for discipleship training and counseling for the residents, the participants from the community and members in the support groups.

    • Staff Development: Responsible for recruiting and hiring of all staff positions. Maintain good working relationships among staff and serve as a mentor to the staff. Counsel residents and those from the community.

  1. Administration

    • Financial: Work alongside of the Refuge’s Director of Administration and her staff. Hold her accountable to report all the financial and business matters on a weekly schedule. Stay within the annual budget. Sign checks. Report to the Board of Directors about any financial need over $500.  Maintain donor base and contacts with donors via personal cards, meetings and phone calls. Encourage and attend all fundraising events. Prepare talks/strategies for meetings with potential financial resources. Work with the PR staff.

    • General: Represent the WR in all legal or ethical matters in conjunction with staff and/or Board of Directors. Refer to the attorney on the Advisory Board for assistance.

    • Daily Operations: Delegate resources of staff and funding in various departments of WR. Keep departments accountable to specific functions and encourage their efficient and successful daily operation. Provide inspiration, leadership, and problem solving for ministry departments. 

    •  Ministry Promotion: Communication with donors and supporting churches regarding the mission and purposes of WR. Connect with Christian colleges and other organizations that will supply interns, staff and students to WR. Help with promotional materials, brochures, teachings, internet web site, video, and newsletter. Assist in development of motto, logo and any media material. Encourage the outreach and fund-raising purposes of the staff.

      3.   Ministry Functions:

    • Participate in regular ministry duties of the WR such as counseling the residents and those from the community. Teaching and leading groups. Supervision of students, interns and staff.

    • Assist in weekly, monthly, annual planning. Conduct or attend weekly department or general staff meetings and annual staff retreats. Be willing to travel to other Refuges to help.

      4.   Board of Directors:

The Managing Director reports to the Board of Directors, and is hired for the position by the Board. She will be responsible to the Board for communication regarding all aspects of the Women’s Refuge Ministry. The Board serves an administrative function and is the legal representative of the non-profit corporation.


Ministry Qualifications

  1. Spiritual Qualities
    • The major requirement for Christian leadership is humility: Luke 9:23, Colossians 3:12-15      
    • Qualities of the fruit of the Spirit, Galatians 5.
    • A concern for the ministry to wounded women, the training of leaders, and openness to working with the entire Body of Christ.

    2.     Ministry Qualities

    • Skills in leadership and/or counseling and/or discipleship and/or teaching and/or development
    •  Experience in leadership and teamwork.
    •  Experience with working with women, couples and families with spiritual, emotional and mental problems. Medical experience preferred, but not required.           
    •  Commitment to God’s Word, and integration of biblical principles in personal life.

    3.     Education

    •  Master’s Degree from an accredited college in Ministry or Counseling field or related field,

.                or work/ministry experience that would qualify the candidate to be the MD at the Refuge.

    4.    Physical Demands and Working Conditions

    •  Mobility and manual dexterity to work in a standard office environment, use standard officequipment; vision to read handwritten and printed materials and a computer screen; hearin and speech to communicate in person and by telephone.
    • Flexibility to attend meetings outside of regular work hours.
    • Some accommodations may be made for some physical demands for otherwise qualified individuals who require and request such accommodations.


Other Requirements

    • Credit history and criminal background check.

    • References

    • This job description lists the major duties and requirements of the job and is not all inclusive. Not all duties are necessarily performed by each incumbent. Incumbents may be expected to perform job-related duties other than those contained in this document and may be required to have specific job-related knowledge and skills.


An overview of The Women’s Refuge of Vero Beach:



The mission of the Refuge is to provide a Christian program where emotionally and spiritually wounded people can find healing through biblical counseling. Our vision is to provide a sanctuary where women can start over with a new understanding of God's plan for their lives. 

We envision women walking in their new identity in Christ, the restoration of marital and familial relationships, and women empowered as godly leaders in their homes, churches, and communities.  We also envision the replication of our program model in other parts of the United States and the World.

The Women’s Refuge, a 501(c)3 organization, was founded in 1997 by Ted and Donna Lee Robart, for women and their families to experience freedom from debilitating psychological disorders, dysfunctional lifestyles and codependent relationships. Since its inception, many hundreds of men, women, and teens have found love, power and sound minds.


Over the years, the Refuge has been committed to serve the emotionally, mentally, and spiritually wounded. Initially, most of our focus was concentrated on our residential program for women. Our programs have since evolved to accommodate not only women, but men, couples and families in our community through our counseling services and support groups.  Currently, we offer both a residential program and community counseling services.


The residential program is offered to women 18 and older who desire to live and walk in freedom and victory. It is designed to help the “non-addict”, who is unable to cope with life issues, break free from debilitating effects of depression, anxiety, post- traumatic stress disorder, sexual abuse, or marital discord, and also allow her to be on prescription medication when needed.   

A balance between work, study, and counseling is a daily part of life at the Refuge. One on one biblical counseling, housing, study materials, and meals are provided and included in the cost of the program.  Generally, a population of eight (8) women participates in each session with an average of 50 women per year. 

The program helps develop their faith through learning and community which culminates in maturity and growth, otherwise they would only have a shallow understanding of the Word and its impact on their lives.   The Residential Program’s keys areas for growth attainment is as follows:

  • One-on-one biblical counseling 

  • Bible study

  • Christ centered curriculum

  • Support groups on a variety of relevant topics like sexual abuse and anger management  

  • Daily exercise

  • Volunteering


    One-on-One Counseling.  Each resident is provided individual counseling at least one time per week for approximately one hour with the provision for additional sessions as needed.  The purpose is to give the resident the opportunity to share personal issues and concerns with a counselor, and to help her get to the root causes of her issues. Counselors work with residents to:

  • Identify the root causes for destructive behavior.

  • Equip residents with the life skills and the ability to permanently avoid destructive behaviors.

  • Design an individualized program to last anywhere from two weeks to two years depending on individual needs and goals.

  • Provide accountability to residents while they are in the program

Bible Study.  Residents are encouraged to focus on Christ and His teachings as a vital part of their recovery through the Word of God. Bible study focuses on understanding their identity in Christ, forgiveness, developing the mind of Christ, and service to others. 

Curriculum. Our curriculum is a combination of a variety of material including books, cd’s, and DVD’s, from various authors and speakers.  This material focuses on developing godly thought patterns and a change of heart through an understanding of who God is and their identity in Christ.

Support Groups and Relevant Topics.   The support group numbers no more than 10 people to be effective, but with a distinct purpose—meeting needs, providing support, and helping people find their security in the Lord.   Some of the essential elements of the support group will be confidentiality, an atmosphere of trust, unconditional acceptance, and a sense of belonging.  The support group targets specific needs and relevant topics so people can find points of identification with one another.   The result is that residents identify issues, take responsibility for their choices, and make decisions to move forward.

Additionally, a weekly House Meeting provides several therapeutic benefits for residents.  It acts as a corrective family group through the development of social skills and modeling of Christ-like behavior.  It also instills hope about their life through Christ.  It is a place where members experience love, acceptance, and safety, often for the first time in their lives.

Home Economics. Each resident will have the opportunity to learn a variety of skills useful for maintaining their homes.  This includes daily household chores.  Additionally, each resident  will learn to create healthy meals by making a menu and shopping list, shopping for needed ingredients, and preparing the evening meal four nights a week.

Daily Exercise.  Each resident participates in a half hour of daily exercise, typically a walk.

Volunteering.  Each resident must volunteer four hours per day in various areas of the ministry on a rotating basis.


What makes our residential program innovative and unique?

Many people are in recovery from abuse, family dysfunction, depression, anxiety, grief, illness, trauma, unhealthy relationships, and more.  However, the difference between other residential programs and the Women’s Refuge is that women regain balance and order in their life through active discussion of the Bible and sharing faith, strength and hope with others.   Instead of a sterile clinical environment, women will achieve recovery in a loving, safe Christian environment that goes beyond recovery to discover, explore and magnify the life God desires for them. 

Our graduates establish a firm foundation in who they are in Jesus Christ. They make dramatic improvements in self-worth, Bible knowledge, and positive attitudes with a balanced healthy lifestyle through receiving and giving forgiveness.  Not only have they learned their true identities in Christ, they have learned how to have a godly marriage through our family counseling.  Furthermore, the women return home to their families, churches, and communities as leaders and many decide to enter Christian ministry.  The Refuge model has a proven track record that has consistently impacted and positively changed the lives over four hundred women and their families since 1997. 


Over the years, the Women’s Refuge has reached out to mothers and fathers, husbands and wives, and families in our local community because they are increasingly suffering with mental and emotional maladies. Many of these issues are attributed to traumatic life events. Some people feel stuck and hopeless; some suffer with anxiety, anguish, depression, and grief; others are in need of support through a family crisis.  People need hope.  They need a place where they can be heard, cared for, and develop confidence. The Refuge provides such a place!

At the Refuge, we view counseling as a labor of love.  It provides the opportunity for a counselee to share personal issues and concerns with a counselor. Biblical counseling involves helping the counselee let go of his own resourcefulness and allow the transforming power of God to work in his life. Our team of counselors works together and draws from each other’s skills which serve to enhance the emotional wellness of our clients. 

In addition to individual counseling, many county residents participate in our support groups on anger management, codependency, and sexual abuse. There are many benefits to support groups and most people who join a group are deeply enriched by the experience. Group members are encouraged to give support to one another and provide feedback to other members.  Members develop trusting relationships where members feel safe to explore sensitive issues, resolve emotional difficulties, and practice new behaviors. 

To learn more about the Women's Refuge of Vero Beach, please visit our website at www.womensrefugevb.org

Qualified Applicants may submit their resume to: careers@womensrefugevb.org

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