Monday, September 25th, 2017
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Admissions: Requirements, Application and FAQ

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  Requirements for The Residential Program  



 Application Form  


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 Frequently Asked Questions



 Requirements for The Residential Program    

  1. Women must be 18 years of age or older. If previously addicted, she must have successfully completed a minimum of six months in a drug or alcohol rehab program.
  2. She must be willing to stay at least two weeks, but she may continue, if accepted, up to two years, which would include the internship program.
  3. She must follow the guidelines of the program and participate fully. She must have a willingness to learn and a teachable spirit.
  4. She may work at a job or attend school during the week between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. If she does not work at a job or attend school, she must be willing and able to volunteer 4hrs per day at the Women's Refuge (2hrs if she is in the 2 week Come and See program).
  5. She must be able to contribute $600 per month toward her room and board.
  6. A physical examination (AIDS, hepatitis, and drug testing) is required prior to admission. She must have her medical records sent to the Women’s Refuge.
  7. She must attend a local church every Sunday.
  8. She must be physically able to do outside yard work and 30 minutes daily exercise.
  9. She must desire to improve.
  10. She must have three references other than her family

Click below to download Free Version of Acrobat Reader (Required for printable format)


In order to Process your application, Please:

  • Fax the completed application to 772-770-2779 or
  • Mail it to: Women's Refuge of Vero Beach, P.O. Box 1484, Vero Beach, Florida 32961 or
  • Email PDF file to

NOTE:  Include a photo of yourself when sending your application.

Staff will review the application and contact the applicant via phone to make an appointment for the interview.  After the interview, the staff will make a decision whether the applicant is appropriate for this program at this time. The Women's Refuge reserves the right to deny any applicant entrance to the program.
$600 towards the first month is payable upon admission to the three-month program. $300 is payable upon admission to the two-week program.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are we an addictions program?  No.  There are deeper issues involved besides the particular addiction.  We work with the person's spiritual and emotional health after the addictions are dealt with.

How long must I be clean from addiction to enter this program?  At least 6-9 months, with confirmation and contact numbers.
What addiction program do we recommend in Florida?  For Men:  Dunklin Memorial Addictions Camp in Okeechobee FL: (772) 597-2841 (Leave a message at the church)    For Women:   Refuge Ranch in Okeechobee, FL 772-597-0995.  These two programs are affiliated.
Do we help women with children?  We help women who "have" children but the children are not allowed to go through the program with the mother on the premisis. 
Do we work with women outside the state of Florida?   We work with women from all over the world.
What is the most efficient process of getting into the program "after" completely reading and understanding the qualifications provided on this website?   Fill out an application.  You can download an application from this website or call the office and we can mail you one. Our phone number is:  772-770-4424.  After the WR Staff evaluates your application,  you will receive a phone call with questions concerning your qualification, and or an interview, and or that you do not qualify.
If I do not speak English, can I still qualify?  You must speak some English in order to qualify.


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